Kids really do say the funniest things!

There are so many things that our kids say that I want to always remember, but time after time I don’t write them down so that we can recall them years from now. I wonder how many of the cute phrases and funny expressions have been lost to the ages because I let them go into “the cloud” of my memory. When Hannah was first learning to talk, she confounded us saying something we couldn’t understand: “Daddy, ew cackyup!!” After what felt like forever, we finally translated that to be “You crack me up, Daddy!”

One of our funniest memories of Patrick came when he was two and a half. We were leaving McDonald’s and he was lagging behind the rest of us, so Todd called to him, “Come on, Patrick, pick up the pace!” He astounded both of us when he did not come quickly to Todd, but stood on his spot, looking wildly all around him. When called again, he looked up at his Dad almost in tears and cried out, “But Daddy! I don’t SEE any paces!!” We still laugh about that. For a while I kept a daily journal in an attempt to retain more of their sayings (if only it were as easy to do this as it is to retain water!) and happened to catch Brendan in a moment of compassion. Since he and Ben are only 16 months apart, he wasn’t that old when Ben was a baby. One day when Ben was crying, Brendan confessed to us that “when he cries, it feels like my heart unzips and all the insides fall out.”

All those past memories lead up to the recent things I’ve heard our kids say. Chloe likes to categorize different-sized items in ways she can relate to, so if something is big, it’s a ‘Daddy-sized’ and if it’s little, it’s ‘baby-sized.’ We were talking about something big and little and again called it Daddy-sized. “What do other people call your Daddy?” I asked her. She didn’t hesitate before answering “Todd!” “That’s right!” I responded. “So…what does Daddy call Mommy?” She thought about for
a moment. Her face then brightened and she exclaimed, “Honey!”

Chloe is the perfect age to be full of funny questions and sayings, and today was no exception. When I was getting ready this morning, she came into the bathroom and sweetly asked me, “Mommy, are we trying for another baby? It would be nice to have a baby brother for me!”

Lastly (for now, anyway), last Monday in our CC class we did a science experiment that showed the children about sound waves and vibration. Vibrate was definitely on the brain later on during review time when I asked my students to answer the question of “How do animals react to environmental change?” (the answer is adapt, migrate, hibernate) Andrew shot his hand up and hollered out, “I know this one! Animals evaporate!!! and VIBRATE!!” Kids are such amazing sources of entertainment. Thank God for children.


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