Fun with Friends and Photos (or, Goodbye, 2010)

To celebrate the end of 2010 and usher in the new year of 2011, our family was invited to join some friends at our church for
an evening of food, fellowship, and fun. Despite being tired and grumpy (just me…I can’t speak for anyone else! I thought I would be just as happy to go to bed at 9pm that night and hear about what a great time everyone else had on NYE…), we had RSVP’d so we went, with corn dip, tortilla chips, and the last batch of Christmas crack of the season in hand. Once we arrived, I realized how silly I’d been to be grumpy about going. We had lots of laughs and got the chance to visit with some people that we don’t usually see. The kids ran around the gym and had a blast with each other, and Patrick got to do what is quickly becoming his favorite pastime: shooting baskets. It wasn’t too long into the evening when the “main attraction” of the Photo Scavenger hunt began. Split into three teams, each group was given a list of different pictures they had to take with all of the members in the group. (I secretly think because Ralph and Laura and Sarah and Anthony were with us that we
had the best group.) Each picture on the list had a point value assigned to it as well that ranged from as little as 25 all the way to 150. After being given a 65 minute time limit, we split up into groups, came up with the winning name of “Team Awesome!” and took off. The following photos come from just a few of the places we visited and checked off.

Here we are in front of Old Navy. The picture had to be of us jumping with no one’s feet touching the ground. Amazingly, we got it on the first take. Sarah has a top-notch camera and a great eye!

This may have been our first picture. We had to ‘cluck like a chicken in KFC.’ It’s always
easier to be silly with this group of fun people! Also while at
KFC, we took care of “stand on the street corner and flex your
muscles.” HA! We’re so buff!

Another one of our entries….Here we are taking a picture with something that starts with “Z.” In the background you can see the horse statue from I Ching, where we crossed off “take a photo with an outdoor statue”…or some wording like that.

These next two aren’t the greatest quality pictures, but they were fun to snap. (Sarah, you are in only one of these pictures!!! We miss your happy face earning points for our team!) One is us in the dark with our faces lit up with cell phones (kind of obvious, I know) and the other is to fulfill the “take a picture with your team under a picnic table.”

The highest point value we snagged for the night, here we are standing in line to buy 144+ tampons. Sheesh, what’s the big deal? 🙂 The manager at Rite Aid was very cooperating and accommodating as we rushed into the store, snapped the shot, and rushed back out. By this point we were very short on time and still had several items remaining on our list, despite running in and out of the van at every stop and not wasting time on any one shot. After we did everything we could outside the church, we returned in a mad dash to see if we could complete the last few things on our list. I believe we only missed two checks: one was following a map to someone’s house to take a picture with a Christmas decoration that had been planted on their porch, and the other was making a chalk drawing on sidewalk. We couldn’t find chalk anywhere in the school, but little did we know that we were mere steps from an entire chalk cache in a kindergarten classroom. Alas, it would be the picture that got away which kept us from winning the scavenger hunt, but the fun we had rushing to check off
the pictures from our list and the “discussions” we had along the way were a prize all by themselves. (I know that’s what losers say, but still…) It was a great way to spend one of the last remaining 65 minutes of the year! Once we returned to the church, Sarah and Anthony compiled the pictures into a slide show that all the participants could see. We shared some yummy snack foods and a few more laughs as we waited for midnight. We even shared some worship and prayer time as we ended the year. It was a memorable way to begin 2011! Many, many thanks go out to Anthony and Sarah for planning such an entertaining evening.

Here we are spending time in the gym before midnight. Big bear hugs are the best!

The Tighe family just after the stroke of midnight. The kids did great staying up so late, even though Hannah, Patrick, and Brendan had all been at different sleepovers the night before as well. I will say, though, that in this picture the late hour is beginning to show on our faces….



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