CC Thanksgiving Feast

One of the best Mondays of the semester on our CC campus has to be the Thanksgiving Feast Monday, partly because we get to share a turkey dinner together after the morning classes, but also because everyone is encouraged to dress up as anything (or anyone) that we’ve studied during the year so far. It can be an historical figure from the timeline or history sentences, or something more abstract from any of the other subjects. Last year one boy was a Tin Whistle and one of the tutors dressed as Mt. Vesuvius. I was impressed with everyone’s creativity and enjoyed seeing their interpretations. Our family became The 7 Wonders of the Ancient World (one of our history sentences) and had fun decorating cheap top hats we’d found at the local party store to look like the Temple of Artemis, the Hanging Gardens, the Great Pyramids, and others. Ken from Ken and Barbie fame even got in on the action and became our rendition of the Colossus of Rhodes. It was a fun way to create a family theme and since there were seven of us, it worked out perfectly.

This year, even though I had given some thought to it, nothing really jumped out at me in terms of something we could as a family. Originally I thought Hannah would not be able to be a part of the morning festivities since normally they begin class earlier than we do, so I was trying to think of a group of 5. Plus, the idea of trying to put 5 costumes together on a shoestring budget (without ending up wearing shoestrings for our costumes!) did not exactly appeal to me. Then after a brainstorming session with Todd, I started to get the idea that we eventually used. As you can see from the pictures below, we are a motley crew, but our intended theme is The Feudal System. I thought it would be clever to go in reverse order. Once I contacted a friend to see if we could raid the costume closet from our church’s musicals, the idea began to come together. Another friend sent me part of a knight’s costume from Arizona (which arrived in the nick of time on Saturday) and borrowed a few more pieces from a local friend, thus completely our costumes with almost no money spent. Todd helped me by making Andrew’s hat and the sign we held, and everything came together nicely.

Our cast of characters went as follows:

Andrew, the smallest boy, was the Pope, the head of the entire Feudal System. His hat speaks for itself.
Ben was the King, the lord over all the Manor.
Since neither of the remaining boys wanted to dress like a Nobleman in tights and pointy shoes, the position was filled by a sign instead, which you can see in the slideshow.
This meant that both Patrick and Brendan dressed as knights, but we support a strong military anyway, so that worked out well. (With pleather hats, plastic swords, and fabric chain mail, it’s a good thing there were two of them.)
I was a lowly serf and dressed like a peasant. I’m thinking about wearing those serf pants tomorrow for Thanksgiving since they were so roomy and stretchy…they would easily allow for seconds or thirds on our turkey dinner!

Hannah’s class had decided earlier that they were going to dress in a general medieval theme, so she was able to dress with them and with us and looked like royalty in her queenly garb. While we were in the costume closet, Brooke found a medieval princess costume that she said no one had ever been able to wear. It fit Chloe perfectly and she was tickled to be able to dress in such a cute costume! Little did I know that she would have to wear it all day. As we were packing up to leave for the day, I threw what I thought was a dress in the bag for her so she could change into something more comfortable after our costume parade. Later I found out that I had actually packed a tunic, so she was unable to change. She kept telling me, “I don’t have any pants! I don’t have any pants!” Oops. At least she took very good care of the purple dress.

At the end of the costume contest, our family won second place for some amazing category that none of us can remember. Does that make it even more special?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

One other note: There is one picture included of Hannah and two of her buds from the Challenge class, and one from my class of boys pus Chloe minus one boy who couldn’t be there. What a great group of energetic future men!


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  1. PaPa Tighe
    Dec 08, 2010 @ 10:58:44

    What a great post……….. You guys are gifted people and I agree that your family will be GREAT. Who is 2pink4blue ? I thought that you were somethingsixpack ??


  2. PaPa Tighe
    Dec 08, 2010 @ 10:59:25

    forgot the request for site updates……….nice way to see what you feel is worth telling.


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