We made it!

Back in July when more than the usual number of women contacted me about childbirth classes, I had to make a tough decision for our family: could we all handle running two classes at once? It seemed that everyone who had inquired about the series had either specifically sought out this method or had heard from a friend about it, so I didn’t have much luck sending them in other directions. Although it was a nice boost to my teaching ego (one of many alter egos I seem to have grown into), with our homeschool group scheduled to start for the year the same week as the two classes, I was in serious doubt as to whether we could handle the workload. After much prayer and consideration, we (or should I say, *I*) decided to go ahead and do it. Financially, it was a providential blessing, and while that weighed heavily into the decision it was by no means the only reason.

So, the week of August 23, we began our CC group on Monday, the first class on Tuesday, and the second class on Thursday. By Friday I was exhausted, but after meeting my ten new couples plus a doula sitting in on a series, it was clear I had made a good choice. The “students” appeared excited about the classes and all seemed to get along well from the start. My family all had to adjust to extra work and a different schedule, but on the whole it wasn’t too much of an upset in our lives. Besides, it was just for twelve weeks, right? Anyone can put up with a lot of..(insert your own adjective here!)….less than ideal situations when they know it won’t last forever.

Like labor, our two-a-weeks caused me to go through the very reliable emotional signposts I talk so much about in my classes. At first, it was fun and exciting to be able to teach two large and energetic groups. I didn’t mind the work and it even worked out that because I ran them simultaneously, if a couple had to miss their usual day, they could catch the other class of the week. Even though several couples were able to take advantage of this ability to switch, the two classes quickly had a certain amount of pride in being either “the Tuesday class” or “the Thursday class.” By about class 5 or 6, the excitement had worn off of the classes and it was getting to be more work to prepare for classes and more tiring by the end of the week. But still….it was doable and we were making it. Having to encourage the family that it was only for twelve weeks also helped me to put it in perspective.

Then came my transition, somewhere around class 9 or 10. Thankfully, the 10th class is one of my favorites to teach, so that helped a lot, but still….I was tired of cleaning twice a week and making snacks that everyone liked, let alone preparing for class and trying to keep mental notes on what I had already talked about it one class so I didn’t repeat myself constantly. When I told Todd the classic transitional phrase, “I don’t want to do this anymore,” he only laughed and replied with, “I knew it was coming. I just figured it would happen a lot earlier…like in class 6 or 7.” HA! He was right; it was just a matter of time. 🙂

And now, as we get ready to say goodbye to “the Thursday class” tonight, I’m thankful for a family who stuck with it, even when maybe they didn’t want to have people come in and take over their basement and eat all the snacks. I’m grateful that they allowed me to do not only what I love, but do it twice as often. We’ve already had two of the ten babies arrive and it’s my hope that the classes stay in contact with each other long after their babies have been born. I have truly enjoyed each person’s unique (and some were REALLY unique!) personality and am thankful for all the laughs we had throughout the series. Honestly, though, I also have to say that I’m relieved we all made it to the end in one piece.

Lest you think we’ll be sitting on our hands between now and the end of the year, as my orchestra director used to say, “No rest for the wicked and the righteous don’t need it.” Starting tomorrow, we’ll be on to the next overly ambitious project. GO TEAM!!


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  1. Laura
    Nov 11, 2010 @ 12:57:47

    You are AMA-ZA-ZING!!!!! Thanks for sharing your “raw” emotions and reminding us that even though something is the RIGHT thing to do doesn’t always mean it the EASIEST thing to do! I am sure your students are VERY grateful for the sacrifices that you have made to accomodate them. Love ya!


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