Blessed by our kids’ friends

Hannah recently turned 13 (a blog post in itself, no doubt…We are still trying to figure out how those years went by so quickly), and as usual, she likes to celebrate her birthday with a sleepover with some of her friends.  This year, she chose a small core of girls from church, from CC, and from across the street.   If you know me at all, you probably have realized that I’m not really the girly-girl type (I am the one who asks Todd to turn on “the game”…any game, just SOME game!), so the thought of even the relatively small number of 8 tween girls descending on our house for the evening doesn’t rank too high on my list of enjoyable ways to spend time.  Nevertheless, a tradition is a tradition.  Besides, Hannah was born gifted in the area of planning and executing, so to deny her the chance to organize and host this party was something I was not interested in even bringing up.  (Actually, it’s not that bad…and Hannah loves it, so that makes it much easier!) 

The appointed day for said sleepover was last Friday night, and after a wee bit of preparation, it seemed that everything was set.   I bought the supplies and brought them home, but Hannah was determined to do most everything else herself, and that suited me just fine.  Todd had read the handwriting on the wall and determined that the estrogen to testosterone level ration was one he could not compete with, so he made plans to take the 4 boys out for the evening, leaving only girls in the house. 

Said girls arrived one by one, and little by little the noise level increased.  At first they were quiet as they talked in the basement room, but it didn’t take long for their giggles and exclamations to carry up the stairs and into the kitchen where I was preparing the “birthday pizza.”  It was cute to hear their girly discussions, and I was relieved (I am a mom, after all) to hear how innocent their topics of choice were.   As they sat around the table eating pizza and laughing, it struck me that the assembled group was one I liked being around.   The girls, though some of them literally hadn’t seen each other since Hannah’s sleepover the year before) all got along and acted like they saw each other regularly.  I felt so thankful that I enjoyed talking with them and found myself laughing with them when Chloe belched precisely like the little sister of four big brothers has been trained to burp.   It sort of dissolved into fits of laughter from then on….

I’ll admit, at one point I wanted to holler “Enough with the silliness!”  when they were goofing around later on, and when Lynsay and her significant other stopped by, they literally attacked him with pillows, but he survived (I think…haven’t checked in lately) and so did we.   There wasn’t much sleeping that night and I’m almost positive that every family had to deal with a tired and g-r-u-m-p-y girl like we did for the rest of Saturday until bedtime mercifully arrived that night.  I think the girls enjoyed themselves.  I know Hannah was in her highest glory.  And for a mama…that’s a good thing to see and realize. 

Let the teen years begin.


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  1. Laura
    Oct 19, 2010 @ 23:46:47

    So fun! I will have to remember to offer my services next year…..would have been great to see the girls in all their “silliness”! 🙂 You are a great mom!


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