“Can I have purple this time, Daddy?”

Such a sweet face. We're thankful that it wasn't a break this time.

Last Thursday, Todd took Chloe to the orthopedic doctor to look at her arm.  After a clean x-ray, he thought that it was probably nursemaid’s elbow, which is a dislocation of the elbow joint.   The technical term for the injury is radial head subluxation.  Normally it can be easily and quickly resolved by a doctor who can manipulate the forearm and elbow joint and put it back into place.  From all indications, this should have been done at the ER when Chloe first went, but for whatever reason, the ER docs decided to put her in a temporary cast and defer to the orthopedic doc.  While I’m not a doctor, and I’m not medically trained (and I didn’t even stay at a Holiday Inn Express!), after reading about it extensively, I learned that if the elbow remains dislocated for longer than 24 hours there is usually residual pain and sometimes damage.   This procedure is supposed to “heal the boo boo” right away and the child should report having no pain within minutes.   For Chloe, however, she howled after the doc popped her elbow and kept crying and holding the arm close to her, much like she had when she first injured it.  The doc felt terrible, Todd said, but he did fix it.   They waited for about 30 minutes or so to see if she calmed down, but when she didn’t, he recommended casting her for two weeks to immobilize the arm to allow for healing.  Hence, the purple model.  I’m continually amazed by the ability of a two-year old to adapt.  She uses the arm as best she can, but keeps it under the table at meal times (and keeps it from dragging through her food, thankfully).    This one will only be on for two weeks, so hopefully she’ll be cast free again after October 5. 

She almost has a cast of silly bands on the other arm!

Nothing is wrong with Patrick's arm, thank goodness....He just felt a bit of sympathy wrapping was in order.


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