The latest adventure

There has been so much happening in our house over the past few weeks that I can’t seem to sit down to blog about it–I’ve got to be in the middle of it and live through it! My Dad seems to be doing great. He is home (and has been since two days after his “episode”), and the tests so far have all come back with no sign that anything really happened. What great news! Could it be that the army of prayer warriors we set in motion right after we heard about him affected change? Could it be that something had happened, but he was healed? I don’t doubt it. He still has a 24 hour test to do after Labor Day, so I’m sure that one will show additional information. I’m glad he seems to be his usual self. Since tomorrow’s his 72nd birthday, we’re all blessed that he remains so active. Besides selfishly wanting my parents around forever, I’m so thankful that our kids get to have these years with them.

So…that’s the squishy part. We started back to school, which has been tough academically. I like that. The kids are responding to their workloads almost entirely predictably, with the exception that they’re doing the work, and doing it well, with little or no complaining. It’s nothing short of a miracle that Patrick is writing paragraphs with NO back chatting and cheerfully working to edit them with me. Hannah, aside from the math assignments, is liking all of her subjects as we wade through this new body of work. With our CC curriculum, the younger boys seem to be “on top” of the memory work better this year than last. We’re getting the timeline cards better than last year (albeit just two short weeks into it out of 20 weeks). Sure, we had stinky days at the beginning where one child who shall remain nameless thought he’d rather lose a limb than sit down and do his work, but I’ll take the good with the bad. If I could say I do all of my work without complaining then I might have a leg to stand on, but since I cannot, we all have some progress to make. OK, we have a lot of progress to make. I’m in it for the long haul, though, so I’m willing to work on what needs to be done.

The current “situation” going on now involves Ben, who stepped on a nail while helping with the set deconstruction after the musical. True, he didn’t wear sensible shoes, but then again, who does in the summer? I take responsibility for him not slipping on his steel toed beauties before going over to “sink the ship.” We watched his wound for a while, and didn’t see signs of infection. It wasn’t totally going away either, though. Since Ben is the kind of kid that seems to have no nerves and hardly ever complains about physical pain, when he didn’t mention it, we kind of forgot about it.

Fast forward to yesterday when I noticed him favoring his right foot when stepping on it, and after checking it out, I took him to the doc. She was a little concerned about infection (although he still didn’t have obvious signs of it), and was a bit more concerned that there was a fragment of nail still in his heel. (Hadn’t thought about that…I was too focused on tetanus and all the nasty stuff that goes along with that). So after I had just assured Ben that he wouldn’t need any shots, the doc tells me that the old doc’s clinic can’t seem to find Ben’s records (WHAT?!? is that even POSSIBLE!?!?), we have no guarantee (and my word isn’t good enough at this point) that he is, in fact, caught up, so she suggests a tetanus shot. Oh goody.

He was incredibly brave.

Now we’re supposed to wait and watch until the beginning of next week to see if his heel looks better than it did yesterday, along with some soaks in Epsom salt baths. If there is no change, she will investigate further to see if part of the nail was left behind. Fun times abound around here.


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  1. anna
    Sep 02, 2010 @ 16:58:01

    Glad to hear school is going well! As I’ve said before and know you hate to hear…….you are amazing. God is good.

    I am praying Ben’s foot will heal amazingly and there will be no sign of any problems. Again, God is good.


  2. Amy
    Sep 03, 2010 @ 20:50:59

    A very real fear of mine is lost immunization records– mine and their’s (theirs?). The nurses get angry with me when I insist they write dates & lots on the old fashioned shot record cards. “You can look it up online. It’s all in a State database.” Yeah, right. Until it isn’t. Hope Ben heals (heels–ha!) quickly!


    • 2pink4blue
      Sep 03, 2010 @ 22:10:13

      I can understand your anxiety. Amy, when I called the office today to request them myself, they had them without delay and the record keeper seemed a little peeved that I would make such an accusation about them being lost. At least we found them (and apparently they were never lost). Jury is still out on Ben’s heel healing. Har har


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