These are days

Today I had the unusual chance to have breakfast with a few of the kids by themselves, since they woke up at different times. Instead of trying to do something else while they ate, I felt like I should just sit down with them. While I was spending the time with Ben, the topic of boats came up (who knows what train of thought led to it, but who cares?). A few summers ago, my parents had Brendan and Ben spend some time alone with them and they did lots of fun things with their grandparents while in Michigan. One of their favorite days was when they took a trip up to Port Huron and rode a boat called “The Huron Lady.” Ben was trying really hard to remember the name of the boat, and he said, “Mom, remember that boat? From Nonnie and Papa’s house? …..You know, I think it was called “The Moron Lady?” Oh yes, I most definitely would have missed that if I had been sitting in the other room and he had been eating by himself. I had to look away to cover my laugh.

Ben is constantly full of surprises, though. Later in the day, when we picked them up from kids’ church, all the kids informed us that Ben had been dared to eat a worm for $5. He showed us the $5. GROSS!! Here’s a sample of my conversation with him.

Ben: “Mom, I ate a worm today in church.”
Me: “You ate a WHAT!!? WHY!?!?”
Ben: “A worm. Pastor Jeremy said he’d pay me $5 if I could do it.”
Me: “Gross, Ben!!! Was it gross?!”
Ben: “No, not really. But I did spit it out once and had to put it back in my mouth. I almost barfed it up.”
Me: “OH, WHY!?!?! GROSS!”
Ben: “I also had to chew it.”
Me: “OH WHY!?!?! GROSS!!!!!!”

Etc., etc., with me saying “gross” and you have a good idea of how the rest of the conversation went. In addition to pocketing $5, he also moved up in status in his brothers’ eyes. That kid is something else. God was certainly gracious to me when he blessed us with him.


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