Casty McCasterson

Just a few pictures of Chloe’s cast after we all signed it and drew pictures for her. If there had been more people in our family, I think we would have run out of cast! Hannah drew a kitty at her request, and Brendan drew a few caterpillars and a cute frog for her decorations. She has done so well during her casting days: she eats with her left hand (keeping her casted hand under the table and out of the way as much as possible) and I saw her coloring with her left hand today, even though she has already chosen her right hand as dominant. 3 weeks hasn’t been too tough on any of us, although it has been a pain to give her a bath and wrap her arm, and swimming hasn’t been the easiest. Still, if it comes off tomorrow, it will prove to be one more thing we’ve walked through and survived, and on a sliding scale, this one was one of the easier challenges.

Below was a photo op with two of Chloe’s biggest fans: Ben and Brendan.


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