Hannah’s new haven

After my earlier post about Hannah’s bedding debacle, I wasn’t sure how I was going to get her mini room makeover finished before they returned. It wasn’t an issue for her at all, considering she had no idea what I had planned, but I really wanted to give her that surprise when she walked into her room.

Later in the afternoon on Friday, after I had time to cool down and think, I had the idea to just go ahead and order a second identical set. Once that arrives, I’ll switch out the full and twin sheet sets and return the wrong size to the store. That way, I was able to still use the bedskirt and comforter now. I found a second sheet set at the store to put on her bed now as well, so it would be finished. Back to school (ACK! REALLY!?!) sales are already in full swing, so sheets are on the cheap in many places and I found a deal.

She had been using a nightstand/table that her Aunt Laura let her borrow, a very ornate house with a glass top that she’d received as a wedding gift. Hannah loved it when she first got it, but since several years had passed, her tastes have begun to change and she was looking for something different. I was able to find a bookshelf that fit perfectly in the space between her bed and the closet. I will say that the words “some assembly required” are so much more inticing when you’re at the store! This was a small bookshelf and only a few steps, yet I still found myself frustrated with what I had gotten myself into. Once I had opened the box (and proverbial can of worms that came with it), however, I was committed to finishing.

By the time Chloe had to take her nap, we had cleaned the room, taken out the old table and replaced it with the bookshelf, and made the bed. While Chloe slept, I ironed the new curtains, so when she woke up, we were able to hang them up and pretty much complete the room. Of course I would have liked to have wall hangings and other new things, but for now, our budget allowed for only so much. I really liked the way it turned out and now we just had to wait to see what Hannah thought of it.

The boys that were home with me (Brendan, Ben, and Andrew) were a lot of help with the project and were surprisingly excited to be in on it. They helped clean without complaining and kept remarking about how excited they thought Hannah would be. That made the work fun and I was happy to have their enthusiasm!

With a quick reminder when everyone came home that the boys weren’t supposed to say anything about her room until she walked into it (which they did without a problem!), we welcomed them all home. I plan to blog about their trip in a different post, but Hannah was very excited to see her new digs. She was gushy and seemed to like it a lot! We were all glad to do it for her when she was so happy to have the change.

Here she is happy about her new-ish room.

Hannah and Chloe both like the new room!

A shot of the new valance curtains I found that tie in with the dots a little bit.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Laura
    Jul 13, 2010 @ 13:50:54

    Looks awesome! Good job, Deb!


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