The continuation of birthday week

I don’t usually have the priviledge of celebrating my birthday with Todd’s parents and mine, but this year was an exception. My parents arrived on my birthday for their annual June birthdays trip. It was wonderful to be able to have them here for the week, and as you can see from the pictures, they were very productive during their time in Lexington!

Todd’s mom and dad had us over to their house for dinner and cake and ice cream. (What a gift not to have to cook dinner!) It was a nice evening and everyone did a good job of not asking me how old I was.

For my birthday, my parents gave me knockout roses and as part of the gift, they planted them in our flower bed that has been woefully empty for several years now, save the weeds. (I really seem to have a talent for growing weeds, but I’m working on it.) Mom and I went to pick out the rose bushes while Dad and the kids cleaned up the beds.

Just about everyone took a turn helping out with either preparing the beds or planting the bushes.

Ben enjoyed helping Papa shovel the dirt and start the planting process. My Dad was very particular about the steps involved in planting my rose bushes, but I’m thankful that he’s such a hard worker!

Although my Dad was responsible for the bulk of the planting, my Mom was right there for extra help, such as keeping the watering can full and eyeballing the placement of each plant. They are quite a team and do just about everything together.

Patrick spent a couple afternoons outside with his Papa and enjoyed having him almost to himself. They talked about different things that two men would find interesting, but most of all they just liked working together. It seemed that Patrick’s favorite part was mixing the water pool into the hole before planting the bush.

Dad making good progress along the side of the house. He ran out of rose bushes before we ran out of bed, so Mom and I went back and bought six more. Sometimes it really pays to wait because we got those knockouts for a knockout 75% off!


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