Birthday week at the Tighe home

June is a very busy month in our home. In our family alone we celebrate our anniversary, Father’s Day, and three birthdays, all in the course of 12 days. Add into the mix one more anniversary and two other birthdays in the family and you’ve got one big celebration during June! Because Brendan and Andrew’s birthdays are only five days apart (June 19 and 24), since 2006 we’ve celebrated them together in a joint party. This year, however, we celebrated their birthdays twice: once with the Tighe side of the family and once with the Fennells after my parents arrived for a visit. Here are some shots of the Fennell side “party.”

One of the best gifts Brendan received was a Prince of Persia Legos set. He couldn’t open the box the day he received it because we had to go somewhere else, and then the next day he was gone all morning for musical practice, but that boy rushed home after practice, scarfed down his lunch, and then spent the entire afternoon with Ben not only putting it together, but just playing with it. Those two boys played with the set the next several afternoons as well. I commented on it to them at one point, and said “Boys, I’m so proud of you and how you’re playing so well together. You’re acting just like best friends.” Ben looked at me strangely and answered, “Well, that’s because we ARE best friends, Mom!” Nonnie caught a shot of them with their Lego guys on the floor.

Later that night, we gave Dad his belated Father’s Day gift, which was a photo of his grandkids in a frame with their handprints.


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