The new and improved cast

So today was finally the day that Chloe got to take off her yucky wrap/sling and get a sleeker, more stylish cast. I think I was more excited than anyone else, but her arm was pretty gross. How do you tell a 2 year old not to play in the dirt with her Papa while he was weeding and planting? How do you explain that dragging her hand through the ketchup at dinner is something that can’t be wiped off by saying “Keen me up, Mama!”?

We went early this morning and again I was impressed with the lack of waiting involved in the entire process. They had a cartoon playing in the waiting room and we didn’t even have a chance to watch it before they called us back, and even though we had three or four steps involved in the event, we kept moving at every turn. They took x-rays again and after that, Chloe had her first cast removed and the new one placed. She picked the color herself, but that probably comes as no surprise to anyone who knows her. She sat perfectly still and said nothing while her arm was wrapped. I couldn’t tell if she was fascinated with the procedure or concerned that something was going to happen, but she never looked upset–just quiet. Afterwards, though, when we were in the parking garage, she exclaimed: “My arm looks PRETTY!!!”

My only disappointment came when I learned that we couldn’t get a waterproof cast for her. That seems like a no-brainer to me, again (didn’t I say that before!?), but it was not to be. Her cute little cast is apparently fiberglass, which technically can get wet, though not repeatedly wet like one would do getting in and out of a swimming pool. They did suggest using Saran Wrap, though, so I have a plan. I bought some exam gloves, Saran Wrap, and waterproof medical tape and we’re going to conduct an experiment tomorrow for swimming time. Hopefully it will work out, but if it doesn’t, I have some other options, including the knowledge that she’ll only be in this cast for two more weeks.


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