All’s well that ends well

The happy ending to this tale takes some background story, so I’ll have to start back in mid-April, a week that truly seemed to be a several-day period where one thing happened after another. First, Todd had rented a utility van for the weekend so he could put some insulation in a house for which he was wrapping up a sale. The van sat in our driveway more than he used it, and we took it over to the parking lot of the rental store on Sunday afternoon so it would be back by early Monday morning when they opened. Before noon the next day, Todd received a phone call from the rental place telling him that the van had been damaged and he would have to pay the deductible for our insurance to cover the cost of the repairs. This was especially bad news to us considering that we had most definitely not damaged the van. He went over to the rental place to talk to them in person and see the van, and when he returned, relayed the news to me that apparently someone had backed into the van sometime overnight and had driven off. We were stuck with the $550+ deductible, an expense one never plans for and one made even more frustrating because of the situation surrounding it. That news, on top of a house issue that he also had to deal with the day before, seemed like enough bad info at the time.
The rest of the week didn’t go much better, however, and included Todd losing his iPhone and having to replace it with my upgrade. The very next day Hannah and I were at Kohl’s and she went into the fitting room and found someone’s iPhone in there! Before I could even entertain any deceptive thoughts, I took that puppy up to the Service Desk. The poor clerk who had to hear my rant (that went something like this: “You need to keep this safe because whoever left this incredibly expensive phone is probably freaking out about it RIGHT NOW and I know if it were me, I would be praying that no one took it but turned it in instead, so that’s what I’m doing! No one should EVER take anyone else’s iPhone!!!”) most definitely thought I had lost my mind.

A few other things happened that week that don’t bear repeating, but we lived to see another day. Fast forward to yesterday, when Todd was making phone calls and catching up on paperwork. He called the rental car company to check up on what his $500 has done for that blasted utility van, and found out that just a few days ago, they had actually refunded our money and hadn’t charged us after all for the “damage” to the van. Praise God! It was a good ending that came much after we thought the story was already finished. And since sometimes we can get so caught up on “look what terrible thing happened to me,” I thought it was especially important to share some good news.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Laura
    Jun 26, 2010 @ 11:18:47

    PTL!!!! Awesome story, Deb!


  2. Amy
    Jul 03, 2010 @ 00:01:51

    V. happy for you. Also, I wish I could have seen your rant at Kohl’s, and the sales girl’s face. 🙂


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