Update on Chloe

We were disappointed to learn that the first available appointment to give Chloe a more permanent cast wasn’t until the middle of next week. This means that she’ll be in her temporary (glorified-ace-bandage) cast for another 7 days. I’m not sure how well this is going to work out for her, since she’s been pulling on the wrap today more than any other day so far. It may not last until next week!

Thanks to everyone who suggested the waterproof cast as well as covers for casts. I think that’s a brilliant idea, but when Todd called to set up the appointment yesterday, the receptionist couldn’t definitively say whether waterproof was an option or not. Seems to me that it would be a no-brainer in a two-year-old, but since I didn’t go to medical school, I don’t call the shots. (Maybe we could try a paper mache do it yourself cast? I’ll google it later on.) Either way, I’m relieved to know that there are options for us to keep our summer schedule close enough to our original plans.

Other than the time frame, she’s doing great adapting to her “new” arm. Since it’s her dominant arm, eating has been somewhat difficult since she’s not adept at holding a fork or spoon in her left hand, but she hasn’t complained. It has been a challenge to keep her from dragging it through her food at times, though! Other than that, she has handled it well. Her brothers and sister (along with Nonnie and Papa) had a chance to sign the tape Dr. Owen put around her wrist and drew little pictures for her. They are so sweet with her.


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