A New Routine

Since Patrick, Ben, and Andrew went for allergy testing in late May, we’ve had to make some changes around here. The doctor tested them not only for food and environmental allergies, but also did a lung function test for each of them. Patrick and Andrew both scored low enough on the lung function test to be diagnosed with asthma. The tests also revealed multiple environmental and food allergies, ranging from mild to severe. Apparently our boys and bluegrass don’t mix, which is sad considering where we live.

They are now on different daily meds, so to keep track of who needs which med and when, I created charts to monitor progress. So far it’s working very well to keep us all accountable. They seem to be helping, too. Patrick had basketball camp this week and reported that he had no trouble running and doing drills compared to during the season when he sometimes had to stop. Hopefully their allergy shots will affect positive change as well, but that’s a totally different post.


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